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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail


We want to make this web site accessible to all people no matter what computer system they use or how they use it.

Access Keys

Access keys provide keyboard shortcuts for users who have difficulty using the mouse. When you use an access key, a link is automatically selected. Pressing return follows that link.

To select an access key, you need to do the following:

Windows Computers: press alt and access key together.
Macintosh Computers: press Control and access key together. uses the following Access Keys

1 - Home Page
3 - Site Map
8 - Terms and Conditions
0 - Access key details

Breadcrumb Trail

At the top of the web site pages, you will see a 'breadcrumb' trail. This is a navigational bar, showing your route through the web site. By clicking on the breadcrumb, you can travel back to any of your previous pages.

Pictures and Graphics

We use the HTML 'alt' tag to provide a brief description of any photograph or graphic that is imparts information to the user.  A long description is provided, using the HTML attribute 'long-desc' if more information about an image is required.


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