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03/08/2016 00:39

From: Kathy Przeniczny

Our Wilkinson family were in Tollesbury from the 1750's until my great Grandfather Edward Henry Wilkinson left for Dovercourt in the 1890's. All of them were oyster dredgers and the family ties were Bowles, Barnard, Appleton, Pewter, Killik and London. We are hoping to visit Tollebury next year.
I transcribe Parish Records for Tollesbury for FreeReg. The majority of the Baptisms and Marriages 1730 - 1880 have been transcribed now and burials 1730 - 1845. You can search the records for free here:

22/07/2016 13:07

From: Peter Gale

I will be visiting Tollesbury shortly after many years.I have distant relatives on my Mothers side of the family who lived in Tollesbury and I would love to meet/chat to any descendants. My grandmother Maud Smith ( I do not know her maiden name unfortunately) had two sisters , I know the married name of one was Gurton and my aunt Betty Wilson (nee Smith was very friendly with her cousin Steve Gurton who used to take me and my brothers out on his boat - this would have been around 1960. My mother Vera Gale (nee Smith) was very friendly with a family member called Myrtle. Not a lot to go on I know, but if anybody might know anyone related, it would be great.
My aunt Betty is now 89 and sadly has advanced vascular dementia. I noticed a previous entry from Michael Gurton who may be a distant relative.

16/06/2016 19:24

From: Richard van de Velde (NL)

I am writing in the hope that someone may can help me finding more information on the family of a British Serviceman from Tollesbury who sadly lost his life during World War 2.

Mervin James Howe was an observer of a Stirling bomber of a Royal New Zealand Air Force that crashed on October 15 1942 near to my village in the Netherlands. The whole crew got killed and were buried in Amersfoort cemetery (NL).

These are his details:

Initials: M J
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Sergeant (Obs.)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit Text: 149 Sqdn.
Birth: 1918
Date of Death: 15/10/1942
Service No: 1284777
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

He was the son of Sarah Howe (nee Barbrock) from Tollesbury.
I found her grave stone on the internet on Tollesbury Cemetery. On the side of this grave you can read information of the son I mentioned.

I hope you can help me on finding next of kin of this family. Is it possible that you can place an notice in a local paper or website page?.

Please see my website page I made of this crash:

Any help you may be able to give would be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Richard van de Velde
Bernhardlaan 7
4112 KH Beusichem
The Netherlands

11/08/2015 17:43

From: Michael Gurton

Just visited the churchyard and found 3 graves of distant relatives. I am descended from Edward Gurton through his son Stephen (of Goldhanger), but I know Stephen had a brother William whose grandsons William, John and George were Tollesbury fishermen. If anyone can add more information I would be grateful.

02/04/2015 17:46

From: Tudor Barnard

My sister has passed to me a link to the document "The Sinking of HMS Hawke", compiled by Mr. E.J. Sparrow. Our maternal grandfather was teh Captain of the Hawke, Commander H.P.E. Tudor-Williams. We want to thank all those who contributed to this fine document. If Mr. Sparrow would like further biographical details of our grandfather, he is welcome to contact me at the e-mail address supplied.

30/03/2015 22:16

From: Harry Lord

Hello! I'm from Sweden... I first visited Tollesbury in 1967, then again a couple of times in the early 70-ies. Now I plan to revisit T in September. I guess a lot has changed in the meantime... What shall I look for, what shall I do (besides having a few pints of some good, local beer) - suggestions anyone?

27/03/2015 15:42

From: Peter Barnes

Cemetery - I believe that my G.Grandparents are buried in the Cemetery on a recent visit I was unable to find their graves. My G. Grandfather was Walter Rose Ingate who was swept overboard near Brightlingsea on 11/11/1929 and the body was not found until many months later and the service was held in September 1930 (I have the press cutting of the funeral) and his wife Grace Ingate (nee Spooner) died in 1942.
Does any body know who I should contact to find their graves.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Peter Barnes
PS. Also as a long-shot I am trying to find any photo of Walter Rose Ingate.

08/02/2015 19:03

From: Joan Partington (nee Young)

What a lovely surprise to find this site. It brought back so many memories! My grandfather was a 'Ward' and had 7 brothers and sisters who all grew up there. My mother was Minnie Ward who died a couple of years ago aged 102. During the war we lived in North Road and I went to school there. My Dad was a POW and had the same welcome home as Alfie Ward ( my mothers cousin _ I can remember the day he came home) lots of flags and people cheering! He and Rueben Holding met in a Getman POW camp and were able to mention each other in letters home so that the waiting wives would know they were alive when any of the rare letters got through. My 2 uncles Harold and Charlie and my Aunt Glad all lived in the village until they died and sadly I have no more relatives that I know of still living there

29/11/2014 19:37

From: Michael Hall

I live in the village of Mayland to the south of the River Blackwater.
I have an appointment at the surgery in Tollesbury soon so I looked at the website and found it very interesting and informative.

27/09/2014 09:02

From: Johnk372

I really like your writing style, good information, thankyou for posting

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