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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail


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14/07/2014 19:20

From: Iris Mahoney

Tomorrow is my 70th birthday. I was born in Tollesbury as German bombs were falling on the village. I know of someone who shares a birthday with me and he was born in a London bomb shelter.

24/03/2014 14:44

From: Bella D'Arcy Reed

Re: I am researching the home front for the Essex County Council WW1 exhibition, and I am concentrating on the women and families in Tollesbury, I would appreciate news of any pictures and information I am also following the Ingate family c/o Peter Barnes and the Essex Record Office. I also want to get in touch with E.J. Sparrow re the information on Shed a Tear and copy right of pictures.Please contact me - thank you

14/03/2014 16:14

From: Peter Barnes

Sent an email yesterday sorry I put the name Philips I meant to quote from a Geoffrey Smith.

13/03/2014 21:23

From: Peter Barnes

Re Ada Rose in answer to Geoffrey Smith's question - yes Ada left Tollesbury and worked as a Servant for a Mr Buckley (Borough Surveyor Of Mossley) and she married in 1912. Robert Rose her father was the landlord of the now gone Hope Inn at Tollesbury and his death of suicide was local news in the Chelmsford Chronicle of 27/4/07. Lucy his wife had died during the previous year. I believe Ada had 9 siblings.
I have been researching my ancestry and Robert was a brother of my Great,great Grandmother Kezia Rose. Robert and Kezia's Father was William Rose (1802-1895) married to a Kezia from Broom Common, Suffolk (1804-1891).

22/02/2014 11:57

From: Peter Baldwin

I have a photo of the Tollesbury cricket team of 1957 I would like to put it on line. I anyone wants a copy please email me.

30/12/2013 01:07

From: Ryan

Does anyone know what happened to Geoff and Debbie who used to run the hope pub does anyone know their surname I spent sometime back there years ago ?

27/10/2013 20:46

From: Robert E Beecham

Trying to find photos of my family from 1700 to 1950 who lived in Tollesbury and Sidcott surname Beecham.

12/01/2013 16:21

From: Isabel Kirby

By chance I have had contact today with someone connected with Tollesbury. This has pointed me to this website. During the war (and after) I used to be taken to Tollesbury by my aunt and uncle (Percy and Ada Timson) to visit a family - they may have been relatives of Percy Timson - but the important thing was that he/they made painted wooden parrot shapes on stands - they bowed up and down as you pushed them. I still have in my house in Gloucestershire the one that was made for me. Does anyone remember the person or family? The other thing that will always remind me of Tollesbury is the winkles, which were brought back to Chelmsford regularly.

06/09/2012 03:13

From: Beverly Rees

I lived in Thurstable Rd Tollesbury for 2 years until we emigrated to Australia in 1980. I absolutely loved village life & we were lucky enough to be accepted immediately as part of the village community. We were regulars at The Hope when it was run by Geoff & Debbie & were given a wonderful farewell party by them when we left for Oz. I am so pleased to see that the village is still thriving & have many lovely memories of my time there.

03/05/2012 12:55

From: seamus montgomery

Will anyone knowing Mrs Angela Sapsford of 3 Station Road help us nominate her for the award
of local hero on the Heart Essex Radio web site as she has served in this community for over 27 years helping the elderly and disabled. Please call up the Heart Radio web site and vote.

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