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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail


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09/12/2010 21:09

From: Michael Draper

Even way down here in lovely NZ (my home since 1952) I yearn for and miss beautiful places like Tollesbury.I do correspond with a former shipmate who is lucky enough to be a "Tollesburyian"(New word !!)

07/11/2010 18:34

From: Peter Pickering

great to see the village is flourishing. I lived there in the sixties, as a teenager. Used to work at Autonnic... anyway will tune in regularly now there is a website

14/09/2010 19:39

From: Bernadette

Hi anyone remember the Boot family? Would be glad of an email if you do, thanks.

25/08/2010 17:11

From: johanna

Hi i am trying to find Catherine and Don who i know lived in victoria studio, i hope someone can help. Thanks

29/06/2010 10:12

From: Rob Miller

I liked your site.

24/05/2010 23:51

From: an egar twitcher

Hi Tollesbury !

Cant wait to come down and check out the local bird scene, looks great!

See you soon Village of Plough and Sail!

28/03/2010 18:11

From: afishermansfriend

Hi Tollesbury looks great...wil recommend it to all anglers and sailors on

will be in Tollesbury next week

24/10/2009 20:04

From: Glen E. Carter

I am a distant cousin of Wiliam Carter vicar at St. Mary's from 1909 - 1941. Does anyone know wher he and his wife are buried?

As a matter of note, his brother Rev John Carter was a mayor of Oxford. Looking for his burial place as well.

Glen E. Carter
Mississauga, Canada

01/10/2009 14:38

From: Frank Mann

A friend of mine, Daniel Naunton pointed me to this site.

12/08/2009 22:01

From: Mark

Good luck with the website.

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