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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail

Use the links on the right to superimpose an overlay onto the Google Map.

The map shows the route of the Tollesbury branch line, affectionately known as the Crab and Winkle Line. The green markers indicate the location of stations along the line. Double click on the green markers to for a photo of the station.

The route was plotted into Google Earth using information from the book 'The Tollesbury Branch' by Peter Paye (Oxford Publishing, 1985) and by transfering coordinates from a 1949 map found at New Popular Edition Maps.  The railway also left its mark on the landscape and this can still be seen by carefully studying the satellite images - zoom in on the image and you will see the impression the route has left on the landscape, particularly if you look at the section of the route running by the Back Road/Old Hall and near to Bouchiers Hall.

This is very much a 'work in progress' project (much like the web site on the whole as of late...sorry), so keep checking back to see if anything has changed.